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“The mission of Teas and Javas is to serve love in a cup.” – Carolyn Rafaelian

How does one serve a cup of love?

One begins with a commitment to use only the world’s finest organic and fair trade coffees, unique, fascinating tea blends, and to support regional economies by procuring them from local vendors.

Next come the creations of fresh takes on favorite recipes and all-new presentations – a variety of delicious, healthy, natural brews unsurpassed in its breadth and impact.

Serve it all up in a relaxed ambiance, subtly refined, and reflective of its community’s heart and soul – an inviting and comfortable spot adjacent to the local Alex and Ani store, where new pieces can sparkle, and stories of positive energy can be unleashed and shared.

And there you have it: Love in a cup, always available at Teas and Javas.


About Us



Combining international delights with a local flavor, Teas and Javas offers unique, fair trade, and organic beverages. Our upscale café features traditional pastries, sandwiches, and gelato that perfectly complement our beverages. We cater to a family dynamic and individuals with a passion for flavor.

Teas and Javas concept was created by Alex and Ani, LLC. With the same positive energy feel, this new venture will embody the same values that inspire, empower, and enlighten the consumer. Keeping these ideals in mind, Teas and Javas will be serving a variety of specialty liqueurs and non-alcoholic drinks to our patrons. We look forward to serving exceptional food and beverages for customers with a quality palette.